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Ceoerty™ Soft Magnetic False Eyelashes Kit

Ceoerty™ Soft Magnetic False Eyelashes Kit

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Ceoerty™ Soft Magnetic False Eyelashes Kit

Ceoerty™ Soft Magnetic False Eyelashes Kit

Regular price $24.97
Regular price $24.97 Sale price
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Transform your look with a captivating, alluring gaze – experience the irresistible charm of stunning, seductive lashes.

Is false eyelash really inseparable from glue?

Is wearing them time-consuming and prone to accidents?
Do they easily fall off and cause allergies?
Is removing them complicated and can it lead to eye irritation?

Soft Magnetic Technology Combination: Breaking the Limits of Eyelash Glue, Paving the Way for Technological Beauty Innovation

🌟Efficient Magnetism: By using magnetic field reconstruction technology, it increases the utilization of the magnetic field, making the magnetic strip softer, lighter, and more stable.
🚀Super Soft Adhesion: High molecular composite materials are chosen to ensure the softness and adhesion of the magnetic strip, enhancing comfort.
💪Ultimate Thinness: Advanced high molecular material technology is employed to create ultra-thin magnetic strips with a thickness of only 0.2mm, providing a lighter and more comfortable wearing experience.
👁️Strong Magnetism: The application of multi-pole magnetization technology breaks the limits of magnetism, resulting in a more secure wearing experience.

Revolutionary Soft Magnetic Eyelashes: Easy to Wear, Safe and Comfortable, Fashionably Versatile

Convenient Operation: Effortlessly clip and attach, simply peel off for unmatched convenience in your busy daily commute.

Safety and Comfort: Avoid allergic risks, no harm to follicles, ensuring comfort and peace of mind after makeup removal.

Versatile Styles: Diverse style options make it easy to change your eye makeup look every week, ensuring your eyes are refreshed daily.

✨ Magnetic Eyelash Clip: Effortless Experience for Perfect Eyelashes ✨

High-Quality Material: Made of premium stainless steel, equipped with strong magnets.
Automatic Installation: Easily and seamlessly adhere magnetic false eyelashes.
Upgrade from Traditional: Say goodbye to cumbersome manual application methods.

✨ 2-in-1 Eyelash Wonder: Beauty Transformation in One Second ✨

Lift and Curl: Achieve both eyelash lifting and curling effects simultaneously.

Here are our customers sharing their experiences with the Ceoerty™ Soft Magnetic False Eyelashes Kit:

Sarah, 28, New York ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
"I purchased the Ceoerty™ Soft Magnetic False Eyelashes Kit, and it's incredibly convenient! No need for glue at all, and it's very easy to wear. This product has addressed my long-standing issues with glue-on eyelashes, and I no longer worry about glue allergies or eyelash fallout. The eyelashes are long-lasting and comfortable. I will definitely continue using this product."

Emily, 25, Los Angeles⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
"The Ceoerty™ Soft Magnetic False Eyelashes Kit has had a significant impact on my eye makeup! It makes my eyelashes look thicker and more curled, and they don't fall off at all. This kit is perfect for beginners because it's very easy to use. You just gently attach the magnetic false eyelashes to your natural lashes, no need for professional skills. This product not only enhances my eyelash appearance but also significantly improves my makeup efficiency. Highly recommended for all beauty enthusiasts!"

Instructions for use:

  1. Separate the Eyelashes:Gently split the single-eye eyelashes in half.
  2. Identify Left and Right:Look for blue and white dots to determine left and right eyelashes.
  3. Proper Attachment:Attach blue-dot eyelashes (upper) to "UP" and white-dot eyelashes (lower) to "DOWN."
  4. Clamp the Eyelashes:Place the clip at the base, press gently to adhere upper and lower lashes.

  Here are the translations for the provided information:

1. What are soft magnetic false eyelashes?
Soft magnetic false eyelashes use new-generation soft magnetic technology, combining magnetism and flexibility to safely attach false eyelashes to real ones, avoiding the complexity and discomfort of traditional glue-based wear.

2. Will there be a foreign body sensation when wearing them?
You may experience a slight foreign body sensation when wearing them for the first time, which is normal. You can reduce this feeling by using an eyelash curler and a setting gel. With continued use, the sensation will gradually diminish.

3. How to remove magnetic false eyelashes?
Gently grasp the end of the eyelashes and pull gently along the direction of eyelash growth to easily remove them. After use, please place them back in the storage box and store them in a cool, dry place.

4. How long can they be worn for a single use?
The duration of wear depends on individual eyelash conditions. Although permanent magnetic materials are used, oil secretion and gravity may cause slight slipping. It is recommended to use mascara as a base before wearing to enhance longevity, and you can easily readjust them when needed.


  • Materials: Chemical fiber
  • Size: 12*8*1.5cm
  • Weight: 52g


1 x  Magnetic Lashes Clip +1 x  Soft Magnetic False Eyelashes Kit (8PCS)

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