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Ceoerty™ RelaxoPulse Meridian Lymphatic Neck Soothe

Ceoerty™ RelaxoPulse Meridian Lymphatic Neck Soothe

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Ceoerty™ RelaxoPulse Meridian Lymphatic Neck Soothe

Ceoerty™ RelaxoPulse Meridian Lymphatic Neck Soothe

Regular price $29.97
Regular price $29.97 Sale price
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Together with the Ceoerty™ RelaxoPulse Meridian Lymphatic Neck Soother, experience a refreshing body sensation, detoxify your body, reduce fatigue and feel healthy and light!

Real user feedback about Ceoerty™ RelaxoPulse Meridian Lymphatic Neck Soother:

"The hump has always been the cause of my insecurity and also caused neck and shoulder pain. Since I started using the Ceoerty™ RelaxoPulse Meridian Lymphatic Neck Soother, my life has changed drastically. The pain has lessened and my posture has improved significantly. This product is truly amazing, I can finally stand up straight and face each day with confidence."

Isabella Smith - Australia

"I was looking for a way to rid my body of toxins and lose weight, then I tried Ceoerty™ RelaxoPulse. The results of using this device were amazing. It seemed to help activate the lymphatic system and promote detoxification, while at the same time I felt less fatigue and discomfort. Not only did I feel lighter after using the device for a while, but I was able to see weight loss. This is the comprehensive detox and weight loss solution I was looking for."

Sophie Mill - Spain

Do you know how our lymphatic system works and what blockages affect it?

The lymphatic system is an important part of the body that plays a key role in removing waste, maintaining fluid balance and supporting the immune system. This system, which includes lymphatic vessels, lymph nodes and the spleen, maintains fluid balance in the body by collecting lymphatic fluid from the tissues and transporting it back to the heart. The lymphatic system also plays an important role in fighting infections and eliminating waste products.

However, the lymphatic system can be impaired by factors such as infections, trauma, tumors or immune disorders, resulting in a backlog of lymphatic fluid. This blockage can trigger lymphedema, which manifests as localized swelling and discomfort. Maintaining the health of the lymphatic system is therefore essential to promoting overall physical health.

What is the TENS technology?

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology is a medical treatment that uses an electrical current to stimulate the nerves in the body to relieve pain and promote healing. In this technique, small electrodes are placed on the surface of the skin to activate nerve endings by sending a low-voltage electrical current that interrupts the transmission of pain signals so that the patient experiences less pain or discomfort.TENS technology is commonly used to treat various types of pain, including chronic pain, muscle spasms, arthritis and neuropathic pain. Depending on the settings and parameters of the treatment, TENS technology can provide therapeutic benefits such as calming, pain relief, muscle relaxation, and improved blood circulation.

How does the Ceoerty™ RelaxoPulse Meridian Lymphatic Neck Soother work?

The Ceoerty™ RelaxoPulse Meridian Lymphatic Neck Soother utilizes TNES (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology, which applies gentle electrical stimulation directly to specific areas of the skin to stimulate nerve endings, which in turn affects deeper tissues and meridians. This method promotes local blood circulation and increases oxygen and nutrient delivery, reducing muscle tension and pain. At the same time, it improves the function of the lymphatic system, which helps to eliminate toxins more effectively, reduce the accumulation of waste and water in the body, alleviate the problem of edema and achieve a firmer, tighter body line. It also speeds up the body's metabolic process and improves blood circulation, which promotes fat burning.

It also relieves muscle fatigue and tension, providing customized soothing and therapeutic effects through personalized stimulation modes and intensity levels to meet the individual needs of the user, who can relieve their neck whenever and wherever they need it, without having to seek professional help. This makes the Ceoerty™ RelaxoPulse Meridian Lymphatic Neck Soother the ideal device to relieve neck discomfort, improve circulation and reduce fatigue.

Five features and benefits of Ceoerty™ RelaxoPulse

TNES Advanced Meridian Stimulation: This technique uses electrical currents to stimulate specific meridians and points and mimics traditional Chinese meridian therapy. It promotes energy flow in the body, regulates the meridian system and helps balance the body's energy.

Promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage: The electrical stimulation of the device helps to increase local blood circulation, which in turn improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients and contributes to cell repair and waste removal. It also stimulates the lymphatic system to help remove waste and toxins from the body.

Relieving muscle fatigue and tension: The device's electrical stimulation promotes muscle relaxation and reduces muscle tension and fatigue, especially of the neck and shoulder muscles, which are important for relieving neck pain.

Multiple modes and intensity levels: The Ceoerty™ RelaxoPulse device has multiple stimulation modes and intensity levels that can be customized to individual needs and comfort for optimal results.

Neck relief anytime, anywhere: the Ceoerty™ RelaxoPulse device is compact and portable and can be used anywhere, anytime, without the need for special treatment locations or professional assistance. This allows users to relieve neck strain whenever they need it, whether at home, in the office or on the go.

What makes the Ceoerty™ RelaxoPulse Meridian Lymphatic Neck Soother so special?

  • Advanced TENS technology for targeted neck acupuncture.
  • Promotes blood circulation and the lymphatic system for detoxification
  • Relieves muscle tension and fatigue, assists in spinal correction
  • Comfortable ergonomic design, fits the anatomy of the body
  • Portable and easy to use with the touch of a button
  • Deep relaxation and comprehensive neck care
  • Made of high quality materials, strict compliance with safety standards
  • Durable and reliable solution without the need for medication

Isabella used the "Ceoerty™ RelaxoPulse Meridian Lymphatic Neck Soother" for 30 days and shared her experience.

Before I started using Ceoerty™ RelaxoPulse, I suffered from neck problems. Lumps and enlarged lymph nodes in my neck had been plaguing me for a long time, and despite the various treatments I had tried, none of them were very effective. However, since I started using this device daily and consistently, my life has changed dramatically.

Since I started using Ceoerty™ RelaxoPulse, my symptoms have gradually improved. My neck is no longer swollen and my problem with lymph node swelling has been relieved. And most surprisingly, my general condition has improved significantly. I now feel more relaxed and confident, and I no longer suffer from neck problems that prevent me from living a normal life. I am truly grateful for the Ceoerty™ RelaxoPulse Meridian Lymphatic Neck Soother, which has changed my life!


  1. Attach the main unit to the front of the massage pad with the strong magnet (the magnet has a strong attractive force and closes automatically when aligned).
  2. Remove the protective film and stick it to your neck or other places you want to massage.
  3. Turn on the unit by pressing the '+' button on the main unit or long press the on button on the remote control.
  4. Press the 'M' button to switch between the eight massage movement modes.
  5. Adjust the mode intensity with the '+' '-' buttons, total 1-18 levels of intensity adjustment.
  6. Switch the unit to 0 level with the '-' key on the main unit, or turn it off with the remote control by long pressing the power off key.

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