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Ceoerty™ Peony Anti Eczema Cream

Ceoerty™ Peony Anti Eczema Cream

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Ceoerty™ Peony Anti Eczema Cream

Ceoerty™ Peony Anti Eczema Cream

Regular price $24.97
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Ceoerty™ Peony Anti Eczema Cream, the natural solution for instant eczema relief. With peony's powerful anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties, our cream helps reduce inflammation, minimize irritation and itching, promote healthy circulation and provide long-lasting moisture. Our cream is easy to apply and provides a natural, soothing effect.

We are proud of our satisfied customers who have shared their successful journey with Eczema Relief Peony Cream!


"I was very fortunate to try this product, and I'm so glad I did! It's been a long time since I've experienced relief from the itching and discomfort of eczema, but Ceoerty™ Peony Anti Eczema Cream really helps! It has proven effective every time I have used natural and organic ingredients." --- Marlene Johnson


"For years I have struggled with eczema and have tried everything I could find to control the symptoms. My struggle with eczema began to frustrate me until I discovered Ceoerty™ Peony Anti Eczema Cream, a product that contains excellent ingredients that soothe irritated skin, relieve itching, moisturize dry skin and help reduce the appearance of dry patches after a few weeks of continuous use." --- Christina Smith


Ceoerty™ Peony Anti Eczema Cream is designed to provide relief to eczema sufferers. The cream works to reduce inflammation, relieve redness and flaking, and prevent dryness and irritation. This unique formula can be applied directly to cleansed skin to minimize redness and slow skin cell regeneration.

What is eczema?

Also known as atopic dermatitis, eczema is a common chronic skin condition usually characterized by symptoms such as redness, itching, dryness, inflammation and sometimes blistering of the skin. Eczema can affect people of all ages. People with eczema suffer from a barrier disorder that leads to moisture loss and irritant penetration, which in turn causes inflammation and symptoms.

When steroids are used to treat eczema, the following side effects may occur:


  1. Time application of strong steroids: They thin the skin, make it more fragile and more susceptible to injury and irritation.
  2. Pigmentation change: Steroid application can cause uneven pigmentation, making the treated area look different.
  3. Vasodilatation: Strong steroids dilate capillaries, resulting in red or purple patches on the skin.
  4. Skin atrophy: High doses of steroids can cause skin tissue to shrink, resulting in sagging skin.
  5. Hormone dependence: prolonged steroid use can lead to skin dependence, and discontinuation can worsen rebound eczema.
  6. Risk of infection: Steroids suppress the immune system and increase risk of infection, especially on infected skin.
  7. Eye problems: Steroid contact with the eyes can cause inflammation, cataracts, and other problems.
  8. Steroid rosacea: Prolonged use can cause red, swollen and itchy facial skin.
  9. Hair problems: Long-term use causes thinning, weaker hair or abnormal growth.
  10. Systemic side effects: Intense steroid use may lead to endocrine disorders, osteoporosis, and other systemic side effects.

How does the Ceoerty™ Peony Anti Eczema Cream work?

Ceoerty™ Peony Anti Eczema Cream contains specially formulated ingredients and is a non-steroidal cream that relieves inflammation, irritation and itching. It contains emollients and lightweight ingredients that moisturize the skin, soothe inflamed areas and promote healing. It also absorbs quickly into the skin for targeted relief of eczema symptoms. The combination of peony root, pearl powder, aloe vera and licorice makes this cream a great choice for anyone who wants to effectively combat eczema symptoms while promoting skin health.

Clinically proven relief from eczema symptoms


Certain dermatologists are known for their knowledge of dermatological treatments and their effectiveness in treating eczema on the skin. Dr. Hannah Schultz is one such doctor who is known for her expertise. Ceoerty™ Peony Anti Eczema Cream is one of her favorite products because it is made with natural ingredients and developed by scientists to soothe inflammation and moisturize the skin.

New treatments for eczema are now on the market, including nonsteroidal creams and injections that reduce the inflammation.


  •  Peony Root:Rich in vitamins and minerals to help repair damaged skin and speed up recovery from eczema damage. The ingredients have antibacterial and antimicrobial effect, which reduces the risk of skin infection and prevents secondary infections in eczema.
  • Tapioca:These ingredients, rich in collagen and other proteins, promote the repair and regeneration of damaged skin. It also contains antioxidants that can help fight free radical damage, keeping skin in a healthy condition.
  • Aloe Vera:Rich in natural anti-inflammatory substances to reduce skin inflammation and relieve redness and discomfort caused by eczema. Enriched with moisture to hydrate the skin and form a protective barrier to reduce water evaporation and relieve the dryness and itching caused by eczema.
  • Licorice:Eczema is usually associated with allergic reactions, and the components of licorice root inhibit certain allergic reactions, relieving itching and skin irritation.

From satisfied customers who love us:


"I am very pleased with the results of Ceoerty™ Peony Anti Eczema Cream! After just a few days, my dry skin was no longer itchy and flaky and the redness of my skin was reduced. After a few weeks of use, my skin is softer and smoother, the itching is almost gone, and there is no more flaking or redness. Plus, this product is 100% natural and made without harmful chemicals." --- Holly Costa



Ingredient:peony root,tapioca,aloe vera,licorice,coconut oil,camomile extract,tea tree oil,arbutin.
Net content: 30g
Shelf life: 3 years

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