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Ceoerty™ Multifunctional Bluetooth Adapter

Ceoerty™ Multifunctional Bluetooth Adapter

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Ceoerty™ Multifunctional Bluetooth Adapter

Ceoerty™ Multifunctional Bluetooth Adapter

Regular price $29.97
Regular price $29.97 Sale price
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Anywhere, anytime, unlimited music - experience wireless freedom with the versatile Ceoerty™ Bluetooth adapter!

Turn any of your devices into a Bluetooth smart device and upgrade old stereos, car radios and even airplane entertainment systems in no time at all. Simply plug in, connect effortlessly and enjoy high-quality audio. Whether you're gathering at home, on a road trip or flying in the air, Ceoerty™ will add zest to your life. Choose Ceoerty™ and make your musical journey endlessly exciting!

Why is the Ceoerty™ Multifunctional Bluetooth Adapter an indispensable accessory in our daily lives?

1. efficient Bluetooth 5.2 connection: With the latest Bluetooth 5.2 technology, the adapter enables a stable wireless connection within a radius of 10 meters and supports automatic reconnection to ensure a seamless audio experience.

2. wireless freedom when listening to music: When you listen to music at home, whether you're cleaning the house, exercising or relaxing, the Ceoerty™ adapter turns your old stereo systems or TVs into devices that can connect wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet. This offers a more flexible and freer music experience.

3. music always with you, seamless connection: For frequent travelers, the Ceoerty™ adapter allows you to easily connect your wireless headphones on the plane so you can enjoy over 20 hours of movies. You can also seamlessly stream audio from your iPhone to the audio system in rental vehicles or boats. In addition, it supports the simultaneous use of wireless headphones for two people, is compatible with all leading wireless headphone brands and turns every journey into a music experience.

4. powerful battery, unlimited music enjoyment: long battery life and fast charging! Enjoy high-quality music for up to 5 hours, a standby time of over 100 hours and a charging time of just 2 hours. You can even charge it during use to listen to music anytime, anywhere.

5. Specially designed for non-Bluetooth enabled devices: This design concept makes it possible to seamlessly integrate traditional audio and video devices with modern wireless technology. This transforms your old stereos, TVs, car audio systems and other devices into smart devices that are compatible with smartphones, tablets and other Bluetooth devices. This extends their functionality and lifespan without having to replace old devices to enjoy the convenience of the latest wireless technology.

The most important advantages of the Ceoerty™ multifunctional Bluetooth adapter

✔Versatile connectivity: Easily convert old devices into Bluetooth-compatible devices
devices without having to fiddle with cables.

✔Wireless freedom: Suitable for headphones, speakers and more to free yourself from cables.

✔Connect multiple devices: Easily share music and use in different rooms.

✔No audio lag: Perfect synchronization of audio and video, for an improved sound experience.

✔Portable design: Small and lightweight, for anytime, anywhere connectivity.

✔Easy to use: Suitable for users of all ages.

✔Reduction of cable clutter: A tidier room and less risk of tripping.


User sharing: Ceoerty™ multifunctional Bluetooth adapter changes lives!

"I bought the Ceoerty™ Multifunction Bluetooth Adapter to upgrade our old home stereo system. This adapter is really great! It allows me to seamlessly connect the stereo to my smartphone so I can play our favorite music anytime without having to make annoying cable connections. The sound quality is excellent, with no delay, perfect synchronization. It also reduces the cable chaos at home and makes the room tidier. I am very happy with this product and recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their home entertainment experience!"
---Emily Anderson, New York City, USA

"The Ceoerty™ multifunction Bluetooth adapter has made my travels fun. On the plane, I can plug it into the headphone jack and listen to music or watch movies with my AirPods. The battery life lasts for even the longest flight. I can also stream the sound from my iPhone to the car radio, which makes navigation much more convenient. Whether on a boat, in a carpool car or in conjunction with an old stereo system, this adapter is a great travel companion. I am very satisfied!"
---Luis Hernandez, Barcelona, Spanien

Product parameters:
1. bluetooth version: 5.2 EDR, A2DP, HSP, AVRCP
2. frequency: 2.4 GHz - 2.48 GHz
3. power supply voltage: DC 5V (built-in battery)
4. bluetooth receive function: connect with 1 cell phone
5. bluetooth transmit function: connect with 1 pair of bluetooth earphones
6. weight: 36 g (in the color box)
7. accessories: main unit, TYPE-C power cable, user manual
8. product dimensions: 99X20X12mm
9. packaging dimensions: 111X61X16mm
10. color: black

Product specifications:


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