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Ceoerty™ LumbarXSciatic Herbal Heat Pad

Ceoerty™ LumbarXSciatic Herbal Heat Pad

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Ceoerty™ LumbarXSciatic Herbal Heat Pad

Ceoerty™ LumbarXSciatic Herbal Heat Pad

Regular price $39.97
Regular price $39.97 Sale price
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Are you tired of dealing with the discomfort and pain of lumbar and sciatic nerve issues? Designed to target pain in the lumbar area and along the sciatic nerve, Ceoerty™ LumbarXSciatic Herbal Heat Pad offers you a non-invasive and holistic way to find comfort and ease. Get yours today!

 “Spending hours sitting takes a toll on my back and I developed lumbar pain. But ever since using Ceoerty™ LumbarXSciatic Herbal Heat Pad, I no longer feel the nerve pain and provided relief from my low back pain which also helped to correct my spine alignment in the most comfortable way possible. Great comfort heat pad." - Nancy Aaron, California

“I bought this Ceoerty™ LumbarXSciatic Herbal Heat Pad and as soon as I sat down, I could feel the gentle warmth enveloping me. It was an instant relief from the usual discomfort. After some weeks, I'm feeling more at ease, my posture has improved and my back pains diminished as well! No more pain and swelling and I can feel my joints are healed now. Thank you very much!" - Craig Marco, Chicago

What causes back pain in our lumbar area?

Sciatica and lower back pain have a variety of causes, such as herniated or bulging discs, spinal stenosis, muscle imbalances, piriformis syndrome, or injury. These conditions can cause compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve  , causing discomfort and challenges with everyday tasks. The most common problems include:   

  • Discomfort when sitting, standing or even lying down.
  • Difficulty moving, walking, or lifting objects.
  • Sharp, stabbing pain radiating down one or both legs.
  • Numbness or weakness in the lower back and leg.

Introducing the Ceoerty™ LumbarXSciatic Herbal Heat Pad – Your Natural Solution for Lumbar and Sciatic Pain Relief!

Our lumbar support pad uses state-of-the-art technology and advanced design to combine magnetic therapy - targeted heat therapy and optimal back support in one ergonomically designed, comfortable seat. Not only has it passed our rigorous lab testing, but it has also been extensively tested by dozens of spinal massage therapists and clients with severe back problems!

How does this work?

Our ergonomically designed lumbar support belt provides excellent lumbar support, promotes proper spinal alignment and relieves stress on the lower back. It helps reduce fatigue and discomfort, allowing you to sit freely and comfortably throughout the day.


This pad contains carefully placed ambrosia for comprehensive coverage. It provides targeted magnetic field therapy to the affected area by releasing its own energy to stimulate the nerve cells to warm. This provides targeted heat physiotherapy to the damaged areas of the lumbar spine, stimulating blood circulation, reducing inflammation and relieving pain caused by sciatica, arthritis and joint problems.

Magnetic self-heating principle of therapy: This herbal heat pad for lumbar and sciatic nerve pain can absorb body heat by coming into contact with the skin. By promoting the movement of water and gas, heat induction reflection is achieved. This stimulates the release of energy through the magnets, ensuring safe and reliable heat therapy and moxibustion.

Here are some reviews from our satisfied customers:

“Ceoerty™ LumbarXSciatic Herbal Heat Pad saved my life! It effectively relieves my sciatic nerve pain and allows me to concentrate on my work even during long hours sitting. Its comfortable and seamless design makes it perfect for transport. I can't imagine my working day without it - the support and relief it provides has significantly improved my well-being. Highly recommended!" - Leslie Brust

“I have been struggling with back pain for 7 years now. Due to my age, my spine problems are becoming more and more obvious. This Ceoerty™ LumbarXSciatic Herbal Heat Pad is definitely the most effective product I have ever used.  My spine has almost completely recovered. It warms the entire spinal joints and definitely helps with healing. This product has really changed my life and brought me more comfort and vitality!” - Cynthia Carpenter

Why choose Ceoerty™ LumbarXSciatic Herbal Heat Pad?

✓ Recommended and approved by chiropractors.

✓ No more pain, it will make your everyday life easier!

✓ Relieves sciatica, lower back pain, sacroiliac joint pain and hip pain.

✓ Helps with recovery after hiking, cycling and jogging

✓ Drug-free, natural and painless treatment

✓ Helps to avoid dangerous processes


Length: 33cm

Height: 31cm

How to use:

  1. Place the heat pad on a chair, sofa or bed to allow your lower back to rest comfortably.
  2. Adjust the position of the heating pad as needed so that it is aligned with your lower back and the area where you have sciatic nerve pain.
  3. You can use the heat pad while working, relaxing or even sleeping depending on your personal needs.
  4. Depending on your needs, you can use the heating pad for a long time to enjoy pain relief and comfort.
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