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Ceoerty™ Fleece Mirage Tights

Ceoerty™ Fleece Mirage Tights

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Ceoerty™ Fleece Mirage Tights

Ceoerty™ Fleece Mirage Tights

Regular price $36.97
Regular price $36.97 Sale price
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Looking to stay warm and elegant during chilly winter days? Discover Ceoerty™ Fleece Mirage Tights – your perfect blend of warmth and style!

Revamp your winter style with Ceoerty™ Fleece Mirage Tights. Fashionable faux-translucent design paired with fleece warmth provides a cozy, high-waist fit. Crafted from durable, high-quality fabrics, these tights are essential for any winter occasion, blending elegance and comfort for a stylishly warm season.

What Sets Ceoerty™ Fleece Mirage Tights Apart?

  • Sophisticated Translucence, Superior Warmth: Crafted with elegance, these faux-translucent wool leggings offer a stylish edge. They mimic sheer stockings yet provide the warmth of wool internally. Ideal for autumn and winter, they accentuate your figure while ensuring warmth.                                                                                
  • Refined Silhouette, Sleek Fit: Engineered with a high-waisted, flexible design, these warm fleece tights deliver a slimming effect and ensure a snug fit. Their stretchability perfectly contours your legs, avoiding any wrinkles or sagging.
  • Premium Composition, Multifaceted Style: Made from top-grade polyester and spandex, these tights excel in warmth, flexibility, and breathability, suitable for any ensemble or occasion.
  • Universal Appeal, Custom Fit: Designed to cater to a wide spectrum of body shapes, these tights guarantee an impeccable fit for heights between 155-175 cm and weights of 40-75 kg, making them an essential addition to any wardrobe.

Why Opt for Ceoerty™ Fleece Mirage Tights?

✔️ Body Shaping Excellence:

Slims legs, tightens the tummy, and lifts the butt for a flattering silhouette.

✔️Winter Warmth: 

Provides enduring warmth with a windproof exterior and a cozy fleece interior.

✔️Skin Comfort: 

Crafted from skin-friendly materials for optimal comfort.

✔️Style & Versatility: 

Classic colors complement all outfits, ideal for pairing with various attire, including boots and heels.

✔️Flexible & Durable: 

Elastic material for free movement, coupled with high elasticity and non-deforming fabric.

Listen to the glowing reviews from our delighted customers about Ceoerty™ Fleece Mirage Tights:

“Ceoerty™  Tights are incredibly comfortable and exceptionally warm. They fit snugly without wrinkles. In New York winters, they provide excellent warmth, and I don't need additional socks. I plan to buy more in different colors.”

--Abigail Thomas

“Despite my belly fat, Ceoerty™ Fleece Mirage Tights fit snugly and look slimming. They seem transparent, but they are lined, providing comfort and warmth. The seams are finely crafted, and the quality is excellent.”
--Ella Clark

“Ceoerty™ Fleece Tights are highly stylish and versatile with any outfit. They are thick and durable. The comfortable waistband, perfect length, and easy wearability make them a great choice. They offer both warmth and style.”

--Victoria Jones

Ceoerty™ Fleece Mirage Tights
Tummy Control, Body Sculpting, Slimming, and Butt Lifting
Crafted to shape perfect legs and hide abdominal fat.

Product Specifications:

Material: Polyester Fiber, Nylon.
Size: Universal, ideal for individuals weighing 40-70 kg.
Style: High Waist.
Design: Available in both pantyhose and footed styles.
Color Options: Semi-Translucent Black, Semi-Translucent Coffee, Pure Nude.
Thickness: 220 grams.

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