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Biancat™ UltraRenew Ultrasonic Facelift Device

Biancat™ UltraRenew Ultrasonic Facelift Device

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Biancat™ UltraRenew Ultrasonic Facelift Device

Biancat™ UltraRenew Ultrasonic Facelift Device

Regular price $24.97
Regular price $24.97 Sale price
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Achieving the perfect facial contour becomes child's play with the UltraRenew Ultrasonic Facelift Device! Please take a look at the feedback from our satisfied customers!

"Since I started using UltraRenew, even my husband has noticed how much younger my face looks! At first, I was skeptical, but after just a few weeks of regular use, I noticed significant tightening on my chin and neck. After one month of consistent use, I will continue my four times a week routine. This product is truly amazing!" -Sarah Weber, 58

"I'm fully convinced by UltraRenew! Before, I had to manually massage in my anti-aging cream, but this ultrasonic gadget has revolutionized my skincare routine. Not only does it help the cream penetrate deeply into my skin, but it also tightens my muscles and removes dead skin cells through its 3 different modes. Moreover, the fast-charging function makes it incredibly convenient for daily use!" -Lena Meyer, 44

An impaired lymphatic system can accelerate the formation of fatty tissue, which could become visible on the face.

An impaired lymphatic system means that lipids are not effectively absorbed but accumulate in the tissue instead. This leads to visible weight gain and additional weight management challenges. Such problems often occur after surgical procedures or physical traumas. Various causes, including tumor compression or malignant infiltration, can block the lymphatic channels.

What is Ultrasound Therapy?

Physiotherapy devices that use ultrasound or ultrasonic diathermy technology emit high-frequency sound waves that penetrate deep into the affected tissue. This produces a gentle heat that is effective in relieving pain, muscle cramps, and joint contractures. However, ultrasonic diathermy is not recommended for cancer patients. A rounded applicator with hypoallergenic gel is used during the application to protect the skin from overheating.

Ultrasound therapy can promote collagen production.

Applying focused ultrasound energy to the skin surface increases collagen production. This triggers a natural reaction that accelerates skin regeneration, with new collagen being formed in up to six weeks.

The use of ultrasound energy renews the natural vitality of skin cells and reduces visible signs of aging. As we age, the natural breakdown of collagen results in less youthful skin and an increase in visible signs of aging such as skin sagging. Collagen is also important for repairing damaged tissue.

How does the Biancat™ UltraRenew Ultrasonic Facelift Device work?

The UltraRenew Ultrasonic Facelift Device can potentially improve your lymphatic drainage when used to massage your face from the center to the lymph nodes near the neck and ears upwards. With the lymphatic system in focus, this ultrasonic massage device aims to promote healthy blood circulation, balance body fluids, and support immune functions.

Why is the Biancat™ UltraRenew ultrasonic facelift unique?

⭐️ Tightens and lifts the skin.

⭐️ Rejuvenates collagen and elastin.

⭐️ 3 intensity options for massage.

⭐️ Reduces dark spots and UV markings.

⭐️ Reduces pores and capillaries.

⭐️ Smoothes and revitalizes the skin.

⭐️ Chemical-free and non-invasive.

⭐️ Firms eye and facial areas.

⭐️ Smoothes lines and wrinkles throughout the face.

Here are some more of our satisfied customers:

"I am thrilled with this device and use it daily. It relieves stress, minimizes facial swelling, and provides moderate tightening of the skin on my neck. Due to the deeper absorption of the main ingredients of my moisturizer, my skin looks radiant and well-toned." -Katharina Braun, 53

"The UltraRenew Ultrasonic Facelift Device has truly impressed me. After just a few sessions, there was a visible lift of my cheeks and jaw. In terms of beauty and anti-aging skincare, this tool is nothing short of revolutionary – I'm thrilled with the results!" -Anna Lawrence, 47

How to use:

1. Clean face: Remove makeup and cleanse your skin.

2. Apply gel: Use a conductive gel or serum for better ultrasound effects.

3. Turn on: Activate the device and choose the suitable mode or intensity level.

4. Glide the device: Glide in ascending movements from the center outwards, focusing on problem areas. Avoid staying in one place for too long.

5. Turn off & Wipe: After the treatment (lasting 5-15 minutes), turn off the device and wipe it clean.

6. Apply cream: Apply your favorite moisturizer or serum.

7. Regular use: Consult the user manual for the recommended frequency of use.

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